AFS Unipol Code

An Accreditation Scheme for
Student Accommodation UK Wide

AccommodationforStudents.com (AFS), the UK's leading student accommodation website has partnered with UNIPOL (the UK student housing charity) to create the AFS unipol Code.

What does the AFS unipol CODE stand for?

Physically inspecting properties to ensure safe standards are met.

What we do

We physically inspect properties to ensure safe standards and student needs are met.

What things do we check for?

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AFS Unipol Code Fire Icon

Safety Under a 29-point standard, including fire, gas and electrics

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Repair Is the property in good repair?

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Windows and Doors Safe and secure with easy exit?

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Furniture and White Goods Safe and adequate?

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Tenancy Terms Deposit details, repair agreements, support and backup

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Student-Ready? We check for desks, storage, curtains, help and instructions

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Student-Friendly? We talk with current tenants about their landlord experience

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Amenities and Space Sufficient room, enough bathrooms and toilets?

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Heating, lighting and Ventilation Is it capable and adequate?

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Garden safe, secure and well-maintained


Property Inspection

Take a look at our corporate video to take you through our thorough inspection process.

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What’s in it for landlords?

Landlords can join the scheme on a voluntary basis, quickly and easily

Being able to badge yourself as an AfS landlord signals that you meet a set of professional standards.

Certainty that comes with the fixed terms of reference set out in the code i.e. contractual issues, repair, timescales, deposit arrangements etc

The Code minimises problems and complaints and thus the time spent dealing with them through an independent complaints and tribunal system

Newly accredited landlords also get a code to advertise their properties for free for one month on the AfS site, as well as 1 free boost to the top of the AfS listings

For more information on the verification process please see the Unipol Website


2 Ways Landlords Can Achieve Accreditation

Becoming an Accredited Landlord, in which case they declare that all of their properties meet the standards in the Code

Putting forward a selection of their properties for individual accreditation, in which case only individual properties are covered and the addresses of these properties is listed below unless otherwise stated

AFS Unipol Code Benefits


What students can expect from accredited landlords

1. Contract will be written in reasonable terms, it will also state (with no hidden costs!) what they are paying for each month

2. Accommodation will be fully ready by the agreed move in date

3. Repairs and maintenance will be carried out within prescribed timescales

4. The property will meet robust health and safety standards

5. Accommodation will meet a set of nationally recognised standards covering services, furniture and fittings

6. Clarity on deposits and charges at the end of the tenancy

7. Information will be provided at the beginning of the tenancy, explaining management routines followed by the landlord

8. A prescribed and independently administered procedure for dealing with disputes and complaints may arise between tenants and landlords

9. A better deal all round!

For more information for students and parents please see the Unipol website



Landlords have the option of either having one property at a time accredited

Alternatively landlords can have their entire portfolio inspected on a 1:5 property basis to become a fully accredited landlord

All landlords must pass the online training module before becoming accredited to ensure top notch management standards

AFS Unipol Code Benefits


What do I need to do?

If you're AFS/Unipol Accredited and recently added more properties to your portfolio, please email admin@accommodationforstudents.com to get the AFS/Unipol logo uploaded to your new adverts.

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Complete Declaration Form

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Complete Property Schedule

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Complete Online Quiz

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Have 1 in 5 of your properties inspected by trained assessors

Pricing Structure

All prices quoted include VAT at the current rate of 20%

Number of Properties Fee per Property per Year 10% Group A Discounted Fee (Per Property Per Year) 20% Group B Discounted Fee (Per Property Per Year) 50% Group C Discounted Fee (Per Property Per Year)
1 £25 £22.50 £20 £12.50
2 - 3 £22 £19.80 £17.60 £11.00
4 - 5 £20 £18.00 £16.00 £10.00
6 - 10 £16 £14.40 £12.80 £8.00
11 - 15 £11 £9.90 £8.80 £5.50
16+ £10 £9.00 £8.00 £5.00
21+ By Negotiation By Negotiation By Negotiation By Negotiation

Single property inspection can be carried out for £60.

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